Monday, November 24, 2008

We Interrupt This Blog for a Date With the Snowblower. . .

So, yes, this is what was waiting for us just outside the window when we opened the blinds this morning! Instant winter wonderland! May have to spend a little time outside clearing it away today--or I may just wait to see if it gets a little warmer and takes care of itself. Haven't decided just yet.

It's interesting how everyone in the family had a different take on the white stuff this morning. My husband was surprised that the weatherman actually was right. Erik's first reaction was, "Let's go build a snowman!," said in his best toddler voice, (which I loved because it took me right back to when he was 2 and would get so excited about a few white flakes.) But then I think he started thinking about his last driver's ed. session tomorrow, and how maybe he didn't really want to see this stuff. Melissa couldn't wait to get to the bus stop because there's always that excitement that comes with late buses on snowy days. Crazy kid. Snowblower time, testing out the 4-wheel drive on my new car, and wondering if the new tires I just got for the minivan (that Erik will drive) will be as good in the snow as they say they are were my first thoughts. After the winter we had last year, I don't know if I'm ready to see snow stick around quite this early, but it is sort of neat how the change of seasons adds some excitement to the day.

On another subject, over the weekend my friend, Ann, called me to ask if it was too late to get going on stamping her Christmas cards. She had ordered some supplies earlier in the fall, but hadn't decided on the exact design yet. Naturally, I emphatically said, " Of course not!" We got together, looked through some samples and Ann picked out a sample that she liked, but she wanted to use a different Christmas tree stamp. That's the beautiful thing about stamping your own cards!! You get to choose what they will look like!!

This is the sample we used for inspiration. It uses the "Lovely As A Tree" and "Heard from the Heart" stamp sets, Handsome Hunter, Ruby Red, Brushed Gold and Whisper White cardstock, and Handsome Hunter, Ruby Red and Encore Gold ink.

And this is Ann's end result. She switched out both stamp sets, using the tree from"Snow Swirled" and the "Merry Christmas from "Season of Joy". The card's simplicity is beautifully elegant--and made it a snap for her to get 50 cards and envelopes stamped in just a couple of hours. She was so excited and can't wait to mail out her cards to family and friends.

(If you're still thinking that you'd like to stamp some holiday cards, give me a call and we can get you headed in the right direction. It's not too late.)

Well, unfortunately, it might be time for me to go out and decide what method I'm going to use to clean up the driveway. Doesn't look like "melt" is going to be one of my options today.

"Talk" to you tomorrow!

P.S. SPECIAL thanks to Laurie for the use of her battery charger! You're a lifesaver!

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