Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not really stamping--but we used cardstock!

Okay, so yesterday I mentioned that we finished repainting the downstairs bathroom, but I didn't really think about posting pictures. This morning I'm hearing about that! So here is what kept us busy last week.

I must warn you--the "after" pictures don't really look like much because 1) long, narrow rooms are really hard to photograph, and 2) I neglected to take "before" pictures, so there's nothing to compare to. Just believe me when I say it looks MUCH better. Erik (the main inhabitant of this room) must think so too, because when I went down there this morning to take these pictures, it was amazingly neat 'n' tidy! Now, I know, it's only been a few days. . . I'm not getting my hopes up. . . but moms have to enjoy these victories, no matter how tiny!

This first picture give sort of an overview of the whole project--the new green walls, the white wall with the mirrors and painted circles, the new towel hooks that started the whole project!

Melissa loves how her mirrors turned out. There's another set hanging just to the left of the shower.

Oh, and I mentioned that this project used cardstock. So, here's how. . .

We mapped out where each mirror (and corresponding painted circle) should go with circles of Green Galore, Ballet Blue, and Gable Green! It helped us choose our paint colors and allowed for perfect circle placement. Melissa then used a compass to draw the circle on the wall before we painted.

I promise to use cardstock to make a card tomorrow!

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