Monday, November 10, 2008

Okay, so this isn't exactly what I had in mind. . .

So, over the weekend I set out to add a slideshow of holiday card ideas to this blog. I had a nice variety of samples thanks to all the talented stampers I've swapped with, and so far I've been able to navigate through all the clicks and downloads and HTML gobbledygook without completely pulling my hair out. I thought I'd just add a scrolling collection of cards over there in the right-hand column, just like I've seen on other stamping blogs.

Well, just call me the "little-too-confident-new-blog-builder!" After puttering around for most of today, watching time literally fly as I proceeded to reload, resize, rename and retry what I had in mind, I've decided to REDEFINE my expectations!! I'm sure I'll figure out how to get it over in the column at the right--or maybe one of you can clue me in--but it just won't be today!

Anyway, back to something I do know! Even before I had a collection of rubber stamps I made the holiday cards I sent to family and friends. Once such card involved a handmade stencil and a can of blue spray paint, before I had any idea of how much overspray even a small spritz of paint created! Ah, memories! Good thing my crafting area at the time was a college-rental and not my dad's garage floor!!

The neat thing about making your own Christmas cards is that it allows you send cards that reflect your personality and interpretation of the "perfect" Christmas card. I have a friend who never fails to send a red-and-green card, "because it wouldn't be Christmas" any other way. Another friend loves to enjoy the trends of the current season, surprising everyone with a new color combination each year.

No matter what says Christmas for you, you can include it in your design--and no, it's not too late to make cards for this year. Take note of the things you like about the card ideas below. The label you see on each of the cards in the slideshow designates the primary stamp set that was used to create it. If you see an idea or a stamp that interests you, whether it be here or from some other inspiration, I'd be more than happy to help you with the details to create the card that is just perfect for you.

Enjoy the show!

(Sidenote--Did you know that "gobbledygook" REALLY is a word?? And here I thought it was just one of those crazy words we used in my family!)

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