Monday, June 1, 2009

Last Chance List

Yeah, yeah. I know I've been AWOL for a really, really long time. Even I was surprised how long it had been since I'd updated. My laundry list of excuses reads like the "Twelve Days of Christmas," and one of these days I may bore you with all our adventures, but for right now I know the majority of you are more interested in seeing the list of retiring stamp sets and accessories. The lists have undergone a little "makeover" and are now called the "Last Chance" lists, but it'll take us all a while to start calling them that, I'm sure.

Click on the graphic on the right and it'll take you to my SU website so you can see what won't be around much longer. You can order your selections on the spot if you wish, which might not be a bad idea if there is something on the Accessories list that you really want, or you can call or email me and I'll place your order for you.

(I will be holding my "retirement" party as usual (on June 26th--6:30 PM), where, with each $50 purchase you get to choose a set from my retired stamp set bins, but that may be too late to order some of the accessories.)

If you prefer to print out a list and sit down with your catalog, that's available here. Quite a few of the Decor Elements items will be updated, and so that list is rather extensive. Take a look and add a new look to a room or project!

So, do I gamble and go add some more stain to my decks??? (Yes, that has been one of my projects lately.) Or, I could go "experience" the visual impact of this retiring--ahem--Last Chance--list on my stamp shelves. About 30 of the sets on the list are in my collection--I didn't think I had that many! Wow, those shelves are really going to look bare! Guess that means it'll HAVE to be a rebuilding year!

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