Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gee, it's about time, huh?

Unfortunately for my stamping projects, posts, swaps and a lot of my stamping events, my priorities have had to change in the last six months.  With "two in college" looming in the wings, I traded some of my stay-at-home mom "leisure" hours for a 9-5 (sometimes a 7-5, six days a week!) to help out with the associated costs.  Being that there are only 24 hours in a day, some things had to go, and unfortunately this blog was one of the victims. 

BUT, that being said, today, when I was planning on hosting my annual Sale-A-Bration Mystery Hostess Party, Mother Nature and her buddy, Ol' Man Winter, had other plans and put several different kinds of precipitation on the menu.  With my "hill of a driveway" and the fact that many of my stamping friends come from a bit of a distance, I made the executive decision at 8 this morning to postpone the party until next Sunday so that we could all stay inside, away from the rain-freezing rain-sleet-hail-snow mix that has been falling from the sky all day.  Being that I've wanted to do nothing more than keep myself firmly planted on the couch while all this crummy stuff comes down from the sky, I figured I could plunk out a post, especially since I'm really excited about sharing this item I made using one of this year's Sale-A-Bration selections.

I had no portable way of displaying one of the SAB selections, the Decor Elements "Notes" chalkboard piece, so I came up with the idea for this message center.  I wasn't sure that the decal was going to transfer smoothly onto the corkboard but it worked like a charm.  The only issue I had was that the decal was a bit longer than the space on the board.  Trimming the length a bit with a scissors was easy as pie and didn't affect the decal application.  I omitted the squiggle that goes under the "notes" letters because it seemed to take up too much space on this board, but that's the beauty of Decor Elements--you can customize them to your space and tastes.

As a little decorative touch, I used some of the Designer Covered Buttons to make tacks.  I snipped off the brad prongs and added a regular ol' thumbtack with Crystal Effects. 

Oh, now if cleaning up my icy driveway would be as easy and fun. . .

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