Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Rubber" Saves the Day! (Again!)

So, where have I been the last two weeks?? Not trying to ignore you, let me assure you! But as I sat dozing on the couch one evening about ten days ago, my daughter yelled up the stairs, "People, we have a lake down here!" Thinking she was being dramatic about our leaky dehumidifier, I told her to relax. But no, she repeated, "People, we REALLY have a lake down here!" Oh my. Here's where the "rubber saves the day" comes in, not as in "Rubber stamps help relieve my stress." but more like "Thank heavens for Rubbermaid storage containers!"

Suffice to say we spent the next 18 hours without the conveniences of modern plumbing while some great guys came to our aid fixing the issue. The following few days were spent trying to extract all the water from the family room carpet and storage areas--certainly not the way I was planning on spending the week, but in the scope of things, we were pretty lucky. I was just SO thankful that the plumbing and septic system people answered our panicky phone call that night and were able to get things fixed so quickly.

How does all this relate to stamping, you're asking? Enter the OTHER reason I bought the "Totally Tool" stamp set:

I thought it would come in handy for those times when we receive great service and want to express appreciation. Little did I know that I would be using it so soon after ordering it! (Excuse the double watermark on the photo--new photo software! First I couldn't get one on there, and then I suddenly had two, and I have no idea how to remove them!)

In addition to the Totally Tool stamp set, I used the Backgrounds I Texturz plates with brushed silver cardstock to add more of a tough-guy, hardware feel to the card and also embossed the wrench onto more silver. The "Sanded" background is stamped onto all of the red cardstock to add some more dimension. A quick card--but hopefully I won't need to make up too many of these anytime soon!

One extra post script: Because of the Rubbermaid containers, we didn't end up losing too many things to water damage, but one thing that did have to hit the curb WAS stamping-related. You know those newsprint roll-ends that I get to cover the counters and tables that we stamp on? Had an extra one of those downstairs--

It soaked up its share of water, and when it couldn't take it anymore the whole bottom of the roll developed huge cracks! It turned from a $3 stamping tool into a $3 chuckle. Wonder what the garbage guys thought! (And again with the photo software issue! Obviously there's nothing designed or stamped here!)

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